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Improve Your Bottom Line with Business Banking Solutions

You can trust Morris Building & Loan to meet your business banking needs. Small, medium and large businesses count on us to keep their finances secure with business checking, savings and commercial real estate options. Our job is to know your business as well as you do. We have assembled a team of knowledgeable, dedicated lending professionals who recognize that relationships are the key to a successful business. Together, we'll help you find the financial solutions to meet your business needs.

Morris Business Checking

Are you looking for a corporate business account? This account is for you. Our Business Checking Account is a non-interest-bearing account with no minimum balance required. You earn a monthly credit based on an "Earnings Credit Rate" to minimize or offset any monthly services charges. Only $200 to open the account. Ask our Business Bankers for more details about this account.

Morris Simple Business Checking

This is the perfect account for a small business or one that is just getting started. It's also great for small organizations and sole proprietors. You have a $0 Zero minimum balance, and you can make up to 200 transactions in a statement cycle before a $0.75 for each excess transaction would be imposed. For any reason you drop below a $0 zero balance in a statement cycle, you would incur a $15.00 fee for going below the zero balance and any overdraft fees $100 minimum to open the account.

Morris Business Money Market

Have excess funds in your business checking account that are not earning interest? Put those excess funds to work for you by opening this Business Money Market. It earns a competitive interest rate. Interest is paid and compounded monthly. You can open with as little as $1,000. You only have to maintain a $1,000 daily balance or an average daily balance of $2,500 per statement cycle to avoid a minimum balance fee of $10. You can have as many as six debit transactions per statement cycle. If for any reason, you go over the six transactions, a $25 fee would be incurred for each excess transaction.

Morris Business Special Money Market

The Business Special Money Market is for those businesses that have over $50,000 in excess funds and want to earn a higher interest rate than our Morris Business Money Market. The minimum balance requirements are the same as the Morris Business Money Market, and your interest is still paid and compounded monthly. To take advantage of the higher rate, you must open with a minimum balance of $50,000 and maintain a minimum of $50,000 to earn interest. Any balance below $50,000 does not earn interest. You can have as many as six debit transactions per statement cycle. If for any reason, you go over the six transactions, a $25 fee would be incurred for each excess transaction.

Morris Business Savings Account

Are you just getting started on saving those extra funds? This savings account is great for extra funds—only $100 to open. You can make up to six debit transactions per statement cycle. There is a low $1.00 fee for each excess debit transaction in the statement cycle. If for some reason, your account balance falls below the monthly minimum of $100 per statement cycle, a $5 fee will be incurred.

Commercial Loans

This is a simple way to acquire fixed assets, such as equipment or vehicles. Repayment terms are flexible, and we offer a variety of terms and attractive interest rates.

Revolving Lines of Credit

Lines of credit give you the financial control you need for things such as purchasing inventory, meeting payroll, and other operating expenses. You'll enjoy greater flexibility with this product.

Commercial Real Estate

You'll find a variety of commercial real estate loan options with us. Multi-Family Real Estate Loans and Owner-Occupied Commercial Real Estate Loans are just examples of a few of the options we can offer you.

Convenient Remote Deposit

Imagine never again having to rush to the bank after work to deposit a check for your business. Morris Building & Loan offers our customers exactly that kind of service. With the remote deposit, you can deposit your checks as long as you have an internet connection and a scanner. Our bank is proud to offer the latest banking features to make your life easier and more convenient, which allows you to enjoy more of your free time without standing in line at a bank or ATM.